Original contemporary figurative artwork.

Matt studied Art & Design at St Johns College, York, before completing an Industrial Design MA at
De Montfort University, Leicester.

His professional design career has included work within automotive, leisure and retail industries. He has spent the last 10 years running his own successful design company.

Creating imagery has played a large part of his professional life and this experience has filtered through into his art, building over the last 4 years. Following successful solo exhibitions at the Abbey Walk Gallery; ‘Emotional Resonance’ in 2011 and more recently ‘Transformed’ in June 2013, Matt’s work has continued to develop.

The main character of his work, the human form, he uses to “transform everyday into an image whilst leaving an open end to its effect on the viewer”. The form appears incapable of finding complete definition in the space offered by the painting.

Matt’s style is becoming increasingly honed. Whilst the work appears spontaneous and instant, technique is both important and evident. Influenced in the main by photographers and photography; from Man ray, through Francesca Woodman and Robert Mapplethorpe, to the ‘extravagant’ images of David LaChapelle, it is this instant feel of a simple image crafted out of many hours of thought that convey complexity with simplicity that is key…”and to recreate this ‘immediate’ nature whilst retaining a ‘painterly’ technique is what fuels my art”.

The figures, masked sometimes to hide expression, unveiled to add weight; his work offers a simple reflection of the complexities that life offers and the ever-changing reality of now, both physically and psychologically.

Giving impact to the norm rather than glorifying for effect, Matt Brewster’s art continues...

A Selection of pieces that formed the recent ‘Transformed’ exhibition.

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